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Boys in The Boat: Words Matter

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by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®, RTT Practitioner®, C.Hyp

I recently saw the film, The Boys in The Boat, based on the book of the same name, written by Daniel James Brown.

Both are based on the true story of the struggles of the University of Washington Junior Varsity Rowing Team to compete at the 1936 Summer Olympics. 

Odds Were Against Him

The main character, Joe Rantz, grew up with the odds against him – his mother died when he was a young child, his father abandoned him when he was 14, and he was holes-in-his-shoes, living-in-an-old-car poor. 

Joe worked hard to better himself… he managed to get into college to study engineering… he was often hungry and was teased over his threadbare clothes, but he kept moving forward.    

When the second half of his tuition was due and no further extensions could be offered, Joe decided to try out for the rowing team. 

Why Choice Is Important

Joe chose crew, not for the love of the sport, but for practical reasons – a place on the team came with a scholarship that covered his housing and tuition.  If Joe could learn to row, he would no longer have to sleep in a car or worry about money he didn’t have.

Despite what turned out to be an incredible talent for the sport, Joe almost threw it all away when an old, limiting belief, instilled by his painful childhood, reared its ugly head, influencing Joe’s decisions. 

Thankfully for Joe, a wise man stepped up and gently but firmly informed Joe that he was NOT his past… that he had a choice, and that he could choose a better future.

The Right Words

My dear friends, words matter.  The words we say to ourselves can ultimately imprison us or free us. Joe heard the right words at the right time and those words changed the words Joe said to himself. 

Just in case you need to hear the right words, allow me to share these words with you:  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You always have been enough, and you always will be.

Wishing you peace & plenty of timely words,

Your gray girlfriend,


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Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®, RTT Practitioner®, C.Hyp

As a divorced baby boomer, Amy, an independent investment advisor since 2001, formally expanded her services in 2016 to help older women navigate the daunting financial minefield of divorce after meeting numerous smart, well-educated, divorced women who lacked the funds to secure their financial futures.  She understands that for older women facing divorce, achieving an equitable divorce settlement is the first step.

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