Who We Are

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?

— George Elliot

Our Why

At Lawson Financial Group, we are dedicated to empowering you to navigate the daunting landscape of divorce by providing financial advocacy and financial education in a caring, supportive manner so you can face your financial future with confidence.

Founder, MBA, CDFA®

Amy Lawson

As a divorced baby boomer, Amy, an independent investment advisor since 2001, formally expanded her services in 2016 to help older women navigate the daunting financial minefield of divorce after meeting numerous smart, well-educated, divorced women who lacked the funds to secure their financial futures.  She understands that for older women facing divorce, achieving an equitable divorce settlement is the first step.

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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

What is a CDFA®?

A CDFA® specializes in the financial issues surrounding divorce. The role of the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst includes acting as an advisor to one party’s divorce attorney, or as an advisor to one or both parties during mediation, or as a financial neutral in the collaborative divorce process. CDFAs use their knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning to achieve equitable settlements for their clients.