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New Year, New YOU!

New Year's Resolutions
by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®, RTT Practitioner®, C.Hyp

With the old year behind us and a new year ahead, millions of people made New Year’s resolutions hoping to make positive changes in their lives. But, despite the best of intentions, roughly 96% of people fail to reach their goals.

Because a negative mindset is a primary reason people fail to reach their goals, it’s imperative to maintain a positive mindset coupled with a willingness to learn from setbacks to achieve long-term success.

While positive thinking is simple, it’s not necessarily easy to sustain, especially if we’ve been traumatized. Whether that trauma is related to our young lives or our worn-out marriages, trauma can keep us stuck in our thoughts and ultimately our actions.

How Does This Happen?

According to neuroscience, we first create our habits and then our habits create us. Our thoughts become feelings and our feelings drive our actions… Repetitive thoughts produce repetitive actions, i.e., they create our habits. And if our thoughts are negative and our beliefs are limiting, our best-laid plans often fail because we sabotage ourselves.

They are the reason we don’t consistently exercise AND the reason we consistently reach for the cookies… or the potato chips… or the wine.

They are the reason we settle for less than we really want – in our careers, in our marriages, in our lives.

If we could just snap our fingers and eliminate our negative thoughts, and snap them again and fill our minds with positive ones, we’d all do it, wouldn’t we?

But we can’t, our minds won’t allow it. Our minds hold our thoughts tighter than the strongest vice grips ever made.

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are sneaky and persistent. We may start strong, but they are stronger; they worm their way back in, whispering their doubt and wearing down our enthusiasm until we reverse whatever progress we’ve made.

What’s The Solution?

Say hello to Rapid Transformational Therapy®, also known as RTT®. RTT is like a superhero version of therapy because it’s all about getting to the heart of things quickly and making lasting changes. Imagine you have these goals you not only WANT to achieve but perhaps NEED to achieve – such as making good decisions during the divorce process and/or moving forward with your life post-divorce – and RTT swoops in to help you out.

The power of RTT is that it dives deep into your subconscious, hunting down those sneaky limiting beliefs and past experiences that might be messing up your game plan. It shines a spotlight on the sh*t that’s been holding you back, so you can kick it to the curb and move forward.

The best part of RTT? It’s speed. RTT doesn’t mess around. It’s designed to create change at warp speed; RTT makes it so. No more dragging things out for ages, no more having the same conversation for years – you can see some serious shifts in a relatively short time. And who doesn’t love a solution that’s not only works but works quickly?

Now, let’s talk about mindset. RTT flips the script on those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been camping out in your head. It’s like giving your mind a makeover, replacing the “I can’t” with a resounding “Heck yeah, I can!” And, that boost in self-esteem and confidence you’ll feel? That’s the RTT magic at work.

But it’s not just about your thoughts; it’s about your feelings too. RTT helps you deal with the emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying around forever. By tackling those old emotional wounds, you can experience some serious emotional freedom and be ready to rock your goals – be they pre-, mid-, or post-divorce goals.

Oh, and did I mention it’s tailored just for you? RTT sessions are like a custom playlist for YOUR mind. The practitioner works with you to target your specific challenges and goals, making the entire experience personal and effective.

Bottom Line

RTT is like a turbo boost for personal transformation. It’s not just about changing behaviors; it’s a holistic approach that touches on thoughts, emotions, and actions. If want to better navigate the divorce process, or create the life you desire post-divorce, or, if you’re just ready to dust off that old list of unresolved New Year’s resolutions and make some serious progress, let RTT be your new superhero sidekick. Click here to book your complimentary, 30-minute Breakthrough Session.

Wishing you peace & plenty of revolutionary resolutions!

Your gray girlfriend,


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Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®, RTT Practitioner®, C.Hyp

As a divorced baby boomer, Amy, an independent investment advisor since 2001, formally expanded her services in 2016 to help older women navigate the daunting financial minefield of divorce after meeting numerous smart, well-educated, divorced women who lacked the funds to secure their financial futures.  She understands that for older women facing divorce, achieving an equitable divorce settlement is the first step.

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