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Let us help you replicate your efforts for the financial aspects of the divorce process with no increase in overhead.

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You don’t have to be a financial expert to help your clients make a decision on the financial impact of their property settlements.

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Whether you are considering divorce or have already made the decision to do so, you need to know the financial implications.

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Founder, MBA, CDFA®

Amy Lawson

As a divorced baby boomer, Amy, an independent investment advisor since 2001, formally expanded her services in 2016 to help older women navigate the daunting financial minefield of divorce after meeting numerous smart, well-educated, divorced women who lacked the funds to secure their financial futures. Amy understands that for older women facing divorce, achieving an equitable divorce settlement is the first step.


Gray Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

Gray Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce helps women navigate the daunting landscape of divorce with grace and grit. Whether you are contemplating a divorce or find yourself facing one, this blog is for you!

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Financial, Life During Divorce

You, the Guru – Six Messages to Help You Move Through Difficult Times

by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®

We need to take steps to enhance our spiritual growth and feed our souls, including help to grow spiritually to sustain us on our journey.

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Life During Divorce

Stop Explaining Yourself and Telling People Everything!

by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®

The need to explain ourselves depends on circumstances. But do we really need to explain ourselves at all?

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The Skinny on Mutual Funds & Exchange-Traded Funds

by Amy Lawson, MBA, CDFA®

Mutual funds and exchange traded funds are easy to understand if you just think “pizza.”

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"Amy was able to show me with charts and graphs that I was going to be OK."

- Lisa W.

"Amy explains financial matters in common sense terms."

- Cynthia S.

"I made better settlement decisions with Amy's help."

- Linda R.
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